Agile Changjian

“Our hotel has a lot of demands when it comes to software.”


Agile Changjiang Hotel is the first golf resort hotel in ZhongShan city. It deploys graceful European designs with the blending of beautiful ecological landscape of the Yangtze River reservoir and a top rated golf course.

Guests keenly feel the perfect harmony of natural freshness coupled with elegant design. The hotel offers five star facilities including deluxe suites, a business center, Chinese and Western restaurants, multi-functional conference room, tennis courts, swimming pool, billiard room, dressing room, beauty salon and a golfer’s shop. It has platinum-level concierge service 24/7 to assist with a comfortable and enjoyable stay.



Agile Changjiang wanted to increase its brand awareness and sell its rooms to new markets. It needed a new website, but didn’t want to hire an IT staff just to maintain it. Agile Changjiang also wanted to create direct bookings through the website.


Luopan created a custom designed website using Luopan’s Web Services. This website was hosted by Luopan and came with an integrated Booking Engine that enabled direct online bookings.


Agile Changjiang saw an increase in traffic to it’s website and more direct bookings than ever before. The flexible internet platform also allowed Agile Changjiang to promote its new facilities and share exclusive promotions.


“Our hotel has a lot of demands when it comes to software. The software has to be fast and powerful in order to work with all of our different departments. Furthermore, the software has to adhere to our strict design standards and brand identity. Luopan’s Web Services helped us design a custom website that perfectly represents the luxury and grace of our property. From a management’s point of view, the Booking Engine and 24/7 service is what puts Luopan ahead of it’s competition.”