Jintone Hotel Chain

“I love that we don’t have to worry about future upgrades and hardware maintenance costs.”


Guangxi Jintone Corporation, founded in 1998, is a major enterprise with business groups focused on real estate development, hotel chains, financial, fast food chains, veterinary drugs, and trade.

It has more than 20 subsidiary companies include: Guangxi Jintone Investment Co., Guangxi Jintone Real Estate Development Co., Guangxi Jintone Hotel Chains Management Co., Guangxi Jintonekuaiermei Management Co., Guangxi Jintone Veterinary Drug Co., with more than 1 billion RMB enterprise assets.

Jintone Hotel Chains Management received the following awards:

·Won 2011 China Hotel Industry “Top 10 Newly-opened Hotel”

·Won 2010 China Best Tourism Provider “The Best Cost Performance Regional Feature Chain Won Hotel”

·Won 2008 “Affect Nanning Citizens Life TOP 100 Brands”

·Won 2007 “Affect Nanning Citizens Life TOP 100 Brands”



Jintone has the financial assets to expand its hotel business but was concerned about property management systems that were too burdensome and difficult to use and maintain. Also, Jintone’s management required centralized executive management ability of each individual hotel. Features, ease of use, and flexibility were the most important factors as Jintone wanted a system that could grow alongside their hotel business.


Jintone selected Luopan’s Cloud PMS for its excellent price/performance rating. Luopan’s free updates and ease of use enables Jintone to focus on growing its business.


Luopan’s Cloud PMS is implemented at all of Jintone’s properties and powers properties with over 500 rooms. Jintone observed significant cost savings and efficiency increases.


“Very few other property management systems can provide the breadth of features while remaining affordable. I love that we don’t have to worry about future upgrades and hardware maintenance costs. Luopan is a true partner that really grows as we grow.”