Mangrove Tree Hotel

“We needed an integrated solution that could support our large non-room related lines of business.”


Mangrove Tree Hotel, located in Yalong Bay National Resort District of Sanya City of Hainan Province, is a unique Balinese tropical climate resort hotel. It consists of 504 deluxe rooms with over 70% of them having a full-angle view of the ocean.

Guests enjoy various cuisines at Chinese, Western, Thai, Korean and Seafood restaurants. A variety of water sports are available with 260 meters of clean sandy beach and an outdoor swimming pool. Mangrove Tree Hotel also has the largest outdoor banquet room of Yalong Bay with three independent coastal great lawns that can accommodate up to 3,000 people. It also has a 975 square meters grand banquet hall with 1,200 people capacity maximum. All conference halls and multi-functional halls are equipped with advanced audio and visual devices while guest rooms, dining rooms, conference rooms, beach villas and the lobby area are provided with free Wi-Fi network access.



Mangrove Tree needed an integrated management platform that was able to support all of its different business units including conferences, meetings, watersports rentals, restaurants, and other resort activities. Property management systems that support all of these functions are rare. Even more rare is a cost effective cloud-based property management system that can support these functions.


After an exhaustive search, Mangrove concluded that the Luopan Cloud was the most comprehensive solution and easily implemented the Luopan Cloud PMS, Web Services, and F&B Manager.


Mangrove’s ability to manage all of its lines of business in an integrated platform has allowed for increased revenues and decreased costs. Guests are able to transfer their restaurant bills directly to their rooms while also being able to rent items from anywhere on the property.


“We needed an integrated solution that could support our large non-room related lines of business such as our restaurants, rentals, and other resort activities. The only cloud-based property management system that could offer all of these features was the Luopan Cloud PMS. Thanks to its flexible integration abilities, all of our different business units can now interact and communicate easily with each other.”