Nanshan Hotel

“Their customer service is honest, respectful, and caring.”


Sanya Nanshan Hotel, located in the idyllic scenic spot of Nanshan, is a Kwan-Yin Buddhist culture themed resort hotel.

The property consists of 15 Han & Tang style villas and 228 deluxe guest rooms. It overlooks the vast South China Sea and is surrounded by the lush banyan wood forests of Miaojin Mountain surrounding.

Guests are also very near to an amazing 7km natural sandbank.



Despite operating in a peaceful and idyllic location that is focused on relaxation,  Nanshan Resort understood that a superior management system was necessary in order to give its staff the tools to provide guests an unforgettable stay. Nanshan wanted a system that empowered its staff to take better care of its customers while not being so difficult that staff would become frustrated with unnecessary functions.


Nanshan selected the Luopan Cloud and implemented the Cloud PMS in order to efficiently manage its property. Nanshan also uses Luopan Web Services and Mobile Services to increase online reservations and create an online brand identity.


Today, Nanshan enjoys very positive reviews as its staff focuses on taking care of its customers as opposed to dealing with IT problems. In fact, Nanshan has a dedicated IT staff of 0.


“We’ve been using the Luopan Cloud for many year and are quite familiar with the functionalities of every module. Luopan’s software meets and surpasses all of our demands and offers us a distinct advantage over other solutions due to it’s rich features.

As a Buddhist themed hotel, we regard harmony, trust, and cooperation as very important factors. Our relationship with Luopan exemplifies these factors. Their customer service is honest, respectful, and caring. Working with Luopan feels like an excellent collaborative relationship.”