Paco Hotel

“Our group has been using the Luopan Cloud for many years.”


Paco Hotel is the sub-brand of Guangzhou Paco Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Founded in 2006, it is positioned as a boutique business hotel chain.

Currently, Paco Business Hotel has expanded to 10 sub-hotels in Guangzhou and stands in the center of an important business and travel city. It focuses on the needs and experiences of guests by providing high quality, elegant, and stylish themes while delivering fast and accurate customer service.

Paco Hotels is a leader in boutique business hotels in China and has a forward-looking philosophy.



Finding a robust property management solution that can also integrate with a website and centralization reservation system.


Paco implemented Luopan’s Cloud PMS, Web Services, Mobiles Services, and is also apart of the China Cloud Hotel Alliance.


Paco has grown from 5 hotels to 11 and has also expanded internationally into USA.


“We have been using Luopan Cloud for many years. Our corporation successfully combined the Cloud PMS with Web Services and a Centralized Reservation system.

The integration of these three major systems created an integrated management solution for the Paco Hotel Chain and truly transformed the  previous single location hotel model into a modern franchise hotel model. Since 2006, we’ve grown from 5 properties to 11 properties and every location uses the Luopan Cloud.”