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CCHA First West Area Forum Successfully Held

In October 28, 2014, CCHA first West Area Chengdu District internal members’ exchange of experience sharing was held in Jianyue Yizhi Hotel. First of all, many thanks were given to Jianyue Yizhi Hotel for the support and effort they have made, and we are also very grateful to all the member hotels support.

On the meeting Complex Hotel general manager Mr. Feng fist gives a keynote speech on CCHA Brings Changes to Complex Hotel, he describes the differences between CCHA members and hotel other card members using precise data: for about more than two months, hotel has sold 400 cards, the average repeat times of one cloud alliance card is 6.6, and the average consumption room nights of one cloud alliance card number 9.7. The hotel realized profit increase several hundred thousand Yuan by promoting CCHA card, he also said that the hotel will further expand efforts to promote CCHA, truly keeping the balance between self marketing and OTA.

  The management personnel and front desk staffs of Jianyue Hotel share detailed analysis of CCHA card selling experience: the staff’s salary increase one thousand Yuan per month. We also strongly feel the atmosphere of the hotel’s cloud alliance and realize 100,000 card sales revenue during half year. The number of one CCHA card repeat register times is 3.3 and its average occupancy room nights are 7.2. They said they would continue to summarize card sales method, expecting to expand this business.

  As the hotel who receives the most CCHA members in Chengdu area, 318 Chain Hotel deeply analysis its development relationship with CCHA. They create several tourist hot lines, especially Emeishan and Xichang sub hotel receive many other CCHA hotels member reservation, which really brings benefits to both the guests and hotels. Meanwhile thanks very much for 318 Hotel consistent supports to CCHA.

  CCHA representative Qin Zuhang shows details about the procedure of CCHA card and voucher configuration, reservation and customer experience, and answers some questions that currently existing in the hotels.

  CCHA representative Mr. Li Yan said that there are 15 hotels in CCHA west area attend this meeting, they came up with many good ideas and gave suggestions, they have shared their experience, and this is really a successful meeting. This meeting strengthens members communication between each other, and let us have a further understanding of all CCHA procedures. We will hold more similar experience sharing in the future. In the past, OTA has ruled hotel for a long time, they grew quickly and taking away business from traditional hotel operators. Now we must use internet thinking method to get rid of OTA’s control and realize the maximize revenue.