Quickly and easily increase your revenues.

It’s really simple. In fact, Coca Cola uses this strategy everyday to amazing success. Coca Cola knows that to increase revenues, they have to distribute their inventory to as wide of an audience as possible. This includes distributing their inventory to a large number of sales channels such as supermarkets, groceries, vending machines all around the world.

Likewise, Hotels that want to increase revenues need to distribute their inventory (rooms) to as many sales channels (OTAs) as possible. In this digital age, if a hotel is not viewable by a customer on an OTA, then the hotel simply does not exist.

Sounds simple enough but why haven’t hotels been doing this? Well, because it’s hard work. It requires a dedicated reservation manager to update rates/allotments, input reservations, and manage different OTA accounts. Historically, only larger and more sophisticated hotels were able to do this.

Luopan Channel Manager solves this problem by integrating directly with leading OTAs to automate this work. The 3 main benefits of Luopan DCM are:

  1. Rates and Allotment Synchronization – Anytime a rate changes in the PMS, the rate will also be updated for all of a hotel’s OTA channels. Likewise, anytime there is an allotment change, the new allotment number will be updated to all OTA channels simultaneously. Hotels can also Close or Open inventory directly from the PMS.
  1. Automatic Reservation Downloads – Reservation from the OTAs are automatically downloaded into the PMS. No need to ever manually input a reservation again. This frees up hotel staff to do higher value work instead of spending hours on mindless clerical data input.
  1. Shared Inventory – All OTAs share from the total hotel inventory. No more having to allocate individual inventory amounts for each OTA and risking unsold rooms. Luopan DCM will push a hotels real inventory amount to all OTAs while simultaneously updating each OTA if there is an allotment change.

Luopan Channel Manager is different than a traditional Channel Manager because it creates a direct 2-way link between the PMS and the OTAs. This direct link removes the need for a 3rd party Channel Manager switch or CRS which in turn increases speed, reliability, and cost savings.

Luopan Channel Manager is currently connected to Ctrip, Qunar, Meituan, Booking.com, Agoda, Sabre Synixs, and Expedia. More OTAs such as Alibaba Travel are currently being developed.

Please contact your local sales manager and mention the Promotion Code 613486 for a one-time 20% discount on Luopan Channel Manager.